Billy Joel / Elton John...Plus Meteor Woman!

Well hello once again! I have to apologize for getting this post up late today but its still here on Friday!

So last night was a crazy concert adventure for me as I went with my Mom to Billy Joel and Elton John. For anyone who doesn't know, these guys play for a solid four hours. If you have any interest in going it well worth the money because you really do get two full shows in one. It was a great show, and both guys had an incredible amount of energy still! I could take all day to tell you how great the show was but I think you get the point by now so I'll let it go. But definitely check it out if you ever have the chance.

Moving on to Meteor Woman, she's another old-school character of mine who I don't use very much anymore. I did this sketch of her the other night and really enjoyed the loose almost finished look. I've been giving some thought to trying to do a short comic completely in this half-finished sketchy manner but I haven't thought of the right project for it yet. I feel like the story would need to be a little gritty to go along with the harsh edge of this sketchy style.

Well that's more than enough for now people! Until next week.

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  1. I really like her! Also, the loose gestural quality is really working and I think you should do more things like that. Tell me more about her character...We are all interested :)