Another Friday, another post! Today's post features my favorite monster Lenny having fun bouncing around. I've been hard at work on Air-Heart and making some very good progress. I've had to make a few adjustments on the story but everything is on track and going well. I've also rediscovered a few tricks on both the writing and drawing ends of the process that have really been helping me out.

In other news I've been reading some comics again as well. I recently bought a few things from Amazon and have been enjoying myself thoroughly. I've been exploring just how important it is to be a visual media-junky in order to keep your artistic eye sharp. Its amazing how much you learn by osmosis just enjoying your favorite things.

That's about all for now folks! Next week!


  1. Maybe Lenny would like to make a video post on the blog? Possibly a video presentation of your new style... :)

  2. Eddie wants to know when he will be in cartoon form with Lenny......=P

  3. Whenever, he wants! Just give Lenny some milk first!