Well this week has been a busy one, working on a lot of Air-Heart. I've finished up with the tight roughs and I'm now on to inking the finals which is always a fun part of the process. The pin-up to our left is something I put together to showcase the way I'll be finishing the images in the book. If you're asking why I ditched the heavy blacks, its because I really like the animated feel that the grays give the image. Also, sometimes I find the contrast of the blacks can overwhelm the eye a bit. Either way I'm planning to do the book in this gray kind of cartoon style. Another one of the aspects I really like about working this way is that the shading really helps to give my stuff volume. My style can tend to look fairly flat until it gets to the shaded stage, where it really comes to life.

In other news, I have a side-project coming up that I'll probably post here when its finished. I'm going to be designing a drawing for Best Buy, where I work, that I think will be really cool. If all goes well, that should be next weeks post! That's all for now, catch you next week.

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  1. I do like the new gray style shading, I guess that it still tends to look a little flat to me. Maybe if it had more range of grays--I wouldn't think that. Overall I like it a lot better then the stark black and white, I just think that you could develop it further so that she looks more three-dimensional and then the overall composition is more interesting because of the shading.