"Fathoms" - 17/24 Pages Complete

So, I had a kinda cool photo I was going to put up with this post, but blogger isn't cooperating. That said, I'm posting anyways imageless though it may be. This morning I got up early as planned and finished page 17. That leaves only seven pages to finish the inking on this first chapter. I've still got a shot at finishing it within the month if I push a bit hard.
On another note altogether, I've decided that when I begin the next chapter, I'm going to take you through my entire process from script to finished pages. That way when I'm discussing my progress, perhaps it'll make a little bit more sense. To give you an overview in the meantime though it goes something like this: script, thumbnails, inks, shades, lettering, cover. Rinse and repeat for each chapter. So right now on this story I'm on that inking stage. So even when I have that finished there's still a good portion of work yet to do with the shading and lettering. Then I have to think of a cover! For some reason that part seems to have gotten harder over the years instead of easier.
Ok, that's enough talk! I'll be back at it when I'v got another update, and hopefully some photos, blogger!

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