"Fathoms" Page 17

Derik's Air-Heart portfolio in action
Hi again! Day two of the brand new blog and I'm already posting again. But that's the idea, to get myself excited about working on the book again.
This morning I got my lazy ass out of bed early and got right to work, and behold! I have half a page done! It really is that simple. I've come to the conclusion that it's not about how much you get done, just that you try to get something done every day. No matter how big or small. Hopefully I'll have a bit more time later tonight to work on this page some more, but even if I don't today is still in the win column. There are only 24 pages to this current chapter, so I'm not doing too bad actually. In fact, If I can keep up a decent pace I should have the inking on this one wrapped up by the beginning of next month. Oooh! Sounds like a fun challenge for myself. Let's see if I can finish this chapter up by July 1st. That would put me in great shape to finish the next story by the time I take my vacation, which would mean that I still stand a great chance at finishing this book on time by January 1st. Now that would be awesome! Let's see what I can do... More tomorrow.