Where's My Post!?

Make more posts, mister!
So, as you've no doubt noticed I didn't post over the weekend or yesterday. How lame. Sorry bout that, but I have continued to make progress. I'm now about to start page 20 which is awesome. That means I only have four to go. Depending on how the rest of the week goes I might not quite manage to finish by the end of the month, I have a lot going on at work, but I'm still going to try. We'll see what happens. Either way I'll be shading for sure next month.

So that's where I stand at the moment. Also, next month I'm working a ton of hours, so posts will be a little scattered to be sure. But don't you fret, I'll be sure to do my best to post as often as I can when there's something worth posting about. As always, feel free to write in or comment.

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