Hey, remember me?

Well hello there! As expected I've been very busy so far this month and I haven't had as much time to focus on Air-Heart as would like. But don't think I haven't made progress, I have! Only a couple more pages to go until the first chapter is completely inked.

As usual, when I towards the end of a chapter, I start to think about creating a cover. As I mentioned in an earlier post, that particular task seems to have gotten a bit harder for me over the years. Whatever the reason, it takes me a few more itterations now before I'm able to zoom in on what the focus should be for the cover. This morning I drew nine thumbnails before arriving at two or three ideas that might be worth persuing further. Only one of them is actually close to being a finished concept. I've attatched the sketches to this post, but I didn't have access to a scaner at the time, hence the cell-phone photo. Sorry for the ugliness but at least you can kind of see how I work on the sketches. More later!


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