Out With the New, In With Old. (Wait, what?)

Two posts so quickly! Your heads must be spinning. I know it's hard to believe, but yes, I have another post for you all. This time it's a sneak peak at a sketch regarding the second chapter of the book. As I near completion of the first chapter, it's time to begin sketching out some of the ideas for the next story. Without revealing too much, I'll let you in on the fact that this is a much older version of Watt. If you haven't read the first book already (Seriously? Where have you been?) I've included a reference image for what he looks like all young and vicious. Let me know what you think about the visual differences; Can you tell it's the same character?

For those of you not in on the story so far - Watt is an extremely powerful villain that Amelia has met once before in the first book; Taking Flight. He is set to make his second appearance in the second chapter of the second book (Man, that's a lot of seconds!). I haven't quite nailed down a title for that one yet, but I'll be sure to tell you when I do.

As I finish up chapter one I'll be posting all sorts of goodies, finished panels, and so on. Also, be sure to look out for more sketches of the next chapter!


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