Movie Review: Captain America

Hey everyone! So, it's been a little while since I posted, but today I'm back with the Captain America movie review. To try something a little different, we're going to do the good, the bad, and the ugly, to kind of streamline the review process. Check it out:

The Good - The whole movie was very well cast, including the wonderfuly re-created 1940's feel. The locations and setting were memorable and unique. Chris Evans was fantastic as Cap, and there was a true sense of his overwhelming urge to defend his country. His motives were well represented, from getting beaten up on the streets (the bully aspect) and his respect for the American way (the patiotic), it was clear from the beginning why this was the right guy to become Captain America. The character interaction and the light romance drove the story forward in a very cool, and somewhat old-school kind of way. If the movie has anything, it's got a lot of heart, and that's a very cool thing.

The Bad - While the story wraps itself up neatly, there are a few things that the audience still yearns for by the end. What, exactly you say? Sorry, no spoilers here. I'll just say that while I thought the ending was a great way to finish the film, there were a few opportunities that could have been taken a bit farther.

The Ugly - A major issue I had was a really simple and stupid one - Before Steven Rogers (Cap) is about to be transformed into the hero we all know and love, nobody takes the time to give us any idea what he'll be capable of in his new form. All it would have taken to remedy this is one brief line from the good doctor such as " When you awake, you'll be stronger, faster, and braver than you ever dreamed." Halfway into the movie I was still waiting for someone to give us a clue as to what his powers were precisely, and what limits (if any) he had. That wouldn't be such a bad thing if the character himself had any idea. Who cares if the audience gets the exposition, the guy going into the chamber doesn't even bother to ask: "What will I be able to do"? I don't think so. Also ugly, The Red Skull. In a good way - fantastic look and very well cast in Hugo Weaving.

Bottom Line - Captain America is very cool movie with a lot of heart, and plenty of fun and action to be had. The movie goes beyond the usual actions-fest by investing in it's characters emotions and peeling away at them. Cap's last line in the film really sums up what the movie has going for it. Am I going to tell you? No I am not. Go see it, and dig.

SCORE - 4/5 Stars and Stripes


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