A Fresh Start

Ok, so it's time to come at this from a new direction. Up until now my blog has been a useless extension of a portfolio online. It hasn't really served any purpose other than to be a presence on the web.
Last night we watched a movie you may have heard of "Julie & Julia". The film is all about a blog writer and her project to make every single Julia Child recipe from her famous cookbook. Well here's the deal - her blog WAS her project. It wasn't just images and recipes, she used it to guide her through her journey, to help her accomplish her goals and stay on track. My blog? It's just random pictures every week.
To get to the point I think the blog needs a more specific purpose. I've been terrible at working on Air-Heart recently. Yeah I could give you a million and one excuses as to why, but I won't instead I'll say that going forward this will now be an Air-Heart blog. I want to use the blog as a tool to keep me working on my next book and to stay on top of my project. Sure every once in a while I might post another cool image if I make one. But right now I need focus. So bye bye DeQuential art, and hello Air-Heart!